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Vitamin D Reduces Pain in Women With Diabetes, Depression

Consuming a diet rich in vitamin D fortified food and beverages helps decrease pain in women with type 2 diabetes and depression, according to a study conducted at Loyola University Chicago and presented at a research conference at Loyola\’s Health Sciences Campus. Type 2 diabetes is associated with depression and pain; however, few studies have […]

Diabetes sufferers seek injection of effort –

The latest figures from the International Diabetes Federation’s atlas, published to mark World Diabetes Day, suggest 382m people – more than 8 per cent of adults globally – have the condition, triggering health spending estimated at $548bn this year alone and causing more than 5m deaths a year. By 2035, the IDF forecasts that the […]

University to study vitamin D for potential diabetes prevention | The University Daily Kansan

The KU Diabetes Institute is taking part in the nationwide vitamin D and Type 2 diabetes study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Rather than looking to treat those who are already diabetic, the study is trying to see if a vitamin D supplement can prevent the 79 million pre-diabetic people in the […]


Ergothioneine is an amino acid that is found mainly in mushrooms, but also in king crab, meat from animals that have grazed on grasses containing ergothioneine, and other foods. Amino acids are chemicals that are the building blocks for proteins. Ergothioneine is used as medicine. People take ergothioneine for liver damage, cataracts, Alzheimer\’s disease, diabetes, […]