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What is excess vitamin D? | Web MD

What are the potential harms of excess vitamin D supplements? Very high doses of vitamin D can cause extremely high levels of calcium in your blood, which can lead to heart rhythm problems, kidney stones and damage, and severe muscle weakness. This calcium excess usually happens if you take 40,000 IU per day for a […]

Is there a link between vitamin D and female hair loss? | Vitamin D Council

Telogen effluvium (TE) and female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is hair loss that often occurs in young women. In fact, it occurs in up to 30% of women, often with devastating psychological consequences. Treatment options to stop progression and stimulate hair regrowth include several medications, but hair transplantation needs to be considered in more advanced […]

Vitamin D – Feed Your Hair –

Several studies have found that vitamin D may help activate hair growth. However, D is a tricky vitamin. Few foods contain it naturally, and although sitting in the sun for a few minutes a day can help your body produce more of it, many experts advise against it due to the increased exposure to harmful […]

What Is Vitamin D-3 Good for? | Healthy Eating | SF Gate

Benefits for Other Tissues Vitamin D-3 also benefits a range of other tissues. The vitamin helps control the activity of your immune system, so your white blood cells can help fight off infection. It also has an effect on the cells within your pancreas that secrete insulin, and low levels of vitamin D might contribute […]

Vitamin D Deficiency May Cause Hair Loss –

If you’re removing more hair from the drain than usual, you may want to take a closer look at your diet: Having low levels of vitamin D and iron could be playing a role in your thinning locks. Researchers at Cairo University found that women who were experiencing hair loss also had lower levels of […]

Mayo Clinic Finds Insufficient Vitamin D Levels in CLL Patients Linked to Cancer Progression and Death

In the Mayo Clinic study, published online in the journal Blood, the researchers found that patients with insufficient levels of vitamin D when their leukemia was diagnosed progressed much faster and were about twice as likely to die as were patients with adequate levels of vitamin D. They also found solid trends: increasing vitamin D […]

Vitamin D is a potent suppressor of hepcidin in humans

\”For the first time, we have shown results, both in vitro and in vivo, indicating that vitamin D is a potent suppressor of hepcidin in humans. We propose that these findings provide a clinically relevant mechanism showing how vitamin D supplementation can improve anemia management in CKD patients,\” Dr. Bacchetta explained. via Vitamin D Lowers Hepcidin Levels in CKD […]

Vitamin D Lowers Hepcidin Levels in CKD Patients

Vitamin D supplementation is safe and economic for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD); it can also decrease the need for erythropoietin-stimulating agents and ward off anemia by decreasing hepcidin levels and increasing ferroportin levels. A new study has confirmed the positive effects of vitamin D on hepcidin and ferroportin levels in the serum of patients with […]

Researchers probe link between Vitamin D and memory – Yahoo!7

Researchers are hoping to stave off one of the greatest pitfalls of aging – loss of brain function – with vitamin D. Studies have recently discovered vitamin D improves memory in mice, and researchers are hoping it will translate into humans. The world-first study is looking at how the vitamin can improve brain function in […]

The Results Are In: MaxHealthLabs’ Vitamin D Supplement Proved More Effective in Clinical Study | Nov 12, 2013

However, a recent controlled clinical trial by Xyrion Medical demonstrates that not all supplements are equal in their effectiveness. In fact, MaxHealthLabs Intra-Cellular Liposomal Vitamin D supplement outperformed the other brand’s oral Vitamin D supplement by a significant margin. MaxHealthLabs submitted the study to compare and measure each vitamin’s effectiveness in reaching the bloodstream. After […]