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Linoleic Acid LA

According to research, as a fatty acid, Linoleic Acid helps to maintain the health of cell membranes, improve nutrient use, and establish and control cellular metabolism. It also produces prostaglandins, which stimulate circulation via vasodilatation and strengthen the body’s natural defenses, suppressing inflammation; it may help with the treatment of atopic eczema. A study published […]

Oleic acid

Oleic acid C18:1 is another fatty acid that shows up a lot in the oils we use in lotion making. It is found in olive oil at really high rates 78% and high oleic sunflower oil 74%. It has only the one double bond, so it has a longer shelf life than those oils with […]

Vitamin F (Linoleic Acid)

It is a vitamin that actually does not fit the standard definition of a traditional vitamin. In fact, it is better classified as a fat – a fat that is absolutely essential to our biological process, but which our bodies do not synthesize. What is this amazing, yet illusive vitamin? It is vitamin F. Perhaps […]


Sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate Risk Score:0 What is it? Sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate is a surfactant/detergent used as a cleansing agent and to impart lather in shampoos, body washes, facial care, and toothpastes. What are its risks?  Sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate can pose skin irritation depending on the individuals suseptibility and concentration used.  However, it is considered […]

From A to Shiitake — Japanese Mushrooms May Offer Certain Benefits

From A to Shiitake — Japanese Mushrooms May Offer Certain BenefitsBy Leslie K. Kay, MS, RDToday’s Dietitian Vol. 12 No. 11 P. 20Fall is a great season to enjoy an exotic food once reserved for royalty. While often considered a vegetable and prepared like one, the mushroom is actually a fungus, a special type of […]

Almond oil beauty products | the best almond oil for skin | Red Online

The Best Almond Oil Beauty Products You may not know it, but almond oil is probably already nourishing your body; this hero ingredient is often found in any number of hydrators. A rich source of vitamins A and E to boost health in skin and hair, it’s even ideal for fine lines, split ends, dark […]

Global vitamin D testing market suspected to grow over coming years | Vitamin D Council

TechNavio, a company that provides market research reports, has just recently released a report predicting significant growth in the vitamin D testing market between 2014-2018. Their report, called Global Vitamin D Testing Market 2014-2018, forecasts that the vitamin D testing market will grow at a rate of 32.36%. They attribute this mainly to the increase […]

Health effects of UV radiation | Alternative sources of Vitamin D

Small amounts of UV are beneficial for people and essential in the production of vitamin D. UV radiation is also used to treat several diseases, including rickets, psoriasis, eczema and jaundice. This takes place under medical supervision and the benefits of treatment versus the risks of UV radiation exposure are a matter of clinical judgement […]

Low Vitamin D Tied to Anemia Risk in Kids

Researchers analyzed blood samples from more than 10,400 children and found that vitamin D levels were consistently lower in youngsters with anemia, a condition involving lower-than-normal levels of red blood cells. via Low Vitamin D Tied to Anemia Risk in Kids.